Our Team

United by the passion for our territories, we are convinced that we are surrounded by considerable resources which, inherited from the past and too often neglected, should be known and valued.

The best way to defend a territory is  love it with constructive commitment and work. The result was a great and patient work of recognition, planning and implementation of interventions to structure a network of integrated tourist services.

Art Historians, Archaeologists, Agronomists, Architects, Engineers, Hoteliers, Restaurateurs, Sports Associations , Environmental and Cultural Associations, are the people who are sharing a path in which creativity, passion, professionalism and mutual esteem combine in order to enhance and make known their territories.

Antonio, Paolo, Marina, Marco, Rosella, Melina, Michele, Barbara, Carmencita, Matteo, Angela, Aria, Antonello, Enzo, Salvatore, Costanzo are ready to welcome you to their land to make your trip a unique experience.


Italy Never Seen Staff

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