Guerino Trivisonno

Retired doctor and yet photographer, he lives in Larino (Cb) with a passion he has had since he was a boy.One day, he dag out into his memory, metabolized and turned this lifetime passion into photographic images.
An everyday photographer and an attentive observer of nature, he ranges from macro photography to  nature panoramas, via village festivals and  city monuments.
His areas of major photographic interest are landscapes, urban photography, Macro and birds.

He heldseveral photographic exhibitions in the Molisan Municipalities including Agnone, Larino, Guardialfiera, Ururi, and many others. Some of this municipalities have granted him honorary citizenship as a photographer of the area. Most people know him also thanks to Facebook where with over 10,000 photos and about 5000 friends he delights in achieving “likes”.

To him, photography is more than a passion, it is a way to “draw with light.” As he always likes to repeat: photography teaches us to love nature and its countless facets, it also teaches us how to observe beautiful things and to appreciate them.

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