Massimo Martusciello

A truly genuine 62 years old person from Molise. He was born in San Massimo and now is one of the leading experts of the Matese area.  It also represents the emblem of what the synthesis of two very strong passions can generate in a person: photography and thorough knowledge of his territory. He promoted exhibitions, conferences, social networks and many initiatives always with the purpose of spreading awareness of the beauty of the Matese territory.

He is a passionate expert in sport climbing, birdwatching, hydrology, caving. He therefore has an immense photographic archive that pays tribute to Matese. Through his absolutely unique shots, he tell us of the fauna, flora, waters, caves, waterfalls, forests, colors, his emotions due to his continuous, visceral explorations of the Matese’s slopes.

He is a guide of the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) and GAE (Environmental Hiking Guides). His photos are often taken from points inaccessible to others, whose heights are reached using  ropes and pegs, suspended above ground or by going up the Matese river rods from the bottom of the valley up to the mountain springs. How much effort and how much passion to return to all of us the fascinating images of the magical mountain of Matese.

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