Biodiversity in Molise

Biodiversity  meant as a wide variety of animal and plant species, is now seriously declining throughout the planet. The conservation of biodiversity implies knowledge and protection in order to ensure the preservation and restoration of ecosystems essential for life on earth and human well-being. Italy is home to about 50% of Europe’s plant and animal species, a very high figure for a territory of modest extension. That can be explained by a wide range of different morphological and environmental situations that feature the territory .

Molise, in particular, presents itself as a privileged biorefuge due to its scarce anthropization of the soil and a heterogeneity of the territory, which ranges from the high Apennine altitudes, caractherised by continental climate, to a Mediterranean climate typical of its marine areas, at distances that can be covered in about an hour. In this land virtuous artisans of food, with passionate and patient work, cultivate, with sustainable methods, grains and ancient native vines rediscovering traditional flavors and procedures: among the grains we remember Senatore Cappelli, Saragolla, Gentil Rosso, Solina and the variety of corn Agostinello, the vine Tintilia, among dairy products and typical sausages Caciocavallo, Caciosalame, Ventricina, Sopressata and Pampanella.  The benefits of this ancient raw materials  for human’s health are undeniable :cereals  have a lower amount of gluten and therefore are more digestible, native species are more resistant so they do not need chemical substances, therefore naturally organic and healthier. Particular attention is paid, in addition to cultivation, to the transformation of raw materials with the use of ancient machinery and methods.

In Molise wise entrepreneurs, working in total harmony with nature and the environment, are recovering this traditions and biodiversity, become promoters of a supply chain that protects not only the habitat but also people.

Given this, the journey turns into a worderful adventure you have never experience before, where you will  discover ancient knowledge, discover new flavors and characters, hear stories,, enjoy the arts, and be the witness of landscape and human beauties impossible to forget.